We offer a wide range of classes for all dancers, we are dedicated to bringing the best training program to all students in the Nelson Tasman Regions

Class Ages

Pre - School 2 - 5 Years

Mini 6 - 7 Years

Pre Juniors 8 - 9 Years 

Junior 10 - 11 Years

Intermediate 12 - 14 Years

Seniors 15 and Over

Students will be placed according to ability as seen by Empire Faculty

Genres Offered at Empire Dance Company


PRESCHOOL 2 – 5 years: Empire Dance Company is a fun-loving Dance Studio fostering a love for dance, appreciation of music, building confidence and teaching the ability to follow instructions. Specialising in the specific needs of pre-school kids, we teach different genres of dance in each class to make it easier for our little ones to decide in which exam classes to enrol when they are old enough. Pre-school dance is a passion for our teachers and it would be a pleasure to teach your child in one of the classes we offer.



MINIS 6 – 7 years: Open classes available

Our Mini classes have been created in a way that the students can gain technique and skill at a more relaxed pace. Mini students can train in Hip Hop, Jazz, Ballet and Tap. 30 Minute classes allow the students to learn in a fun and focused class.


Pre Junior-Senior BALLET TECH:  Open Classes Available

Our ballet tech classes are non-exam classes. The Ballet Tech Classes will follow many different techniques focusing on the foundations of Technique and helping the body to understand the workings and mechanics or Ballet Technique. We will be using Programs like Progressing Ballet Technique, NZAMD Ballet, New York City Ballet and Highland Dancing.

Ballet students must wear leotards and ballet shoes for all classes. 


Pre Junior-Senior American Ballet Theatre Training: Exam only Classes

ABT’s National Training Curriculum is a program for the development and training of young students that embraces sound ballet principles and incorporates elements of the French, Italian and Russian schools of training. Under the direction of ABT Artistic Director Kevin McKenzie, the Curriculum aims to assist beginning through advanced teachers in training dance students to use their bodies correctly, focusing on kinetics and coordination, as well as anatomy and proper body alignment. The National Training Curriculum strives to provide dance students with a rich knowledge of classical ballet technique and the ability to adapt to all styles and techniques of dance.


Pre Junior-Senior CONTEMPORARY: Exam and Open classes available

Contemporary dance draws on both classical ballet and modern dance uses a lot of floor work and upper body movement. 

If sitting the exam you will need the correct uniform/ leotard. If you intend to sit an exam you must be fully committed to attending classes and working at home. 

Please note: You DO NOT need to sit the exam if you choose not to, you will need to enrol into the open class 


Pre Junior-Senior HIP-HOP: Exam and Open classes available

This class does require sneakers or Hip-hop shoes. Hip Hop refers to street dance styles primarily performed to hip-hop music or that have evolved as part of hip-hop culture. It includes a wide range of styles including breaking, locking, and popping. 

We are now offering exams in the RBM Syllabus

Please note: You DO NOT need to sit the exam if you choose not to, you will need to enrol into the open class 


Pre Junior-Senior JAZZ: Exam and Open classes available

We are following the NZAMD Jazz Syllabus. This is a fun syllabus with all exercises/ dances performed to Modern (Teacher Choice) Music. Students doing this class require the Uniform leotard, Uniform Shorts and Uniform Jazz shoes. A certain degree of commitment is required for exam classes to ensure the student is prepared and able to sit the exams in June or September. 

Open classes will be following work from RADAR Technique and International Development Program

Please note: You DO NOT need to sit the exam if you choose not to, you will need to enrol into the open class


Pre Junior-Senior MUSICAL THEATRE: Open Classes available

Our Musical Theatre classes consist of Acting, Singing and Dancing. It is a non-exam class. Although simple dance choreography will be learnt in class, to become a well-rounded Musical theatre student you should also take a STRETCH class that can usually be found before or after your musical theatre class. 


Pre Junior-Senior TAP: Exam and Open Classes available

Tap classes are exam classes (We are following Glenn Wood Tap Syllabus) Again sitting an examination is not compulsory, however, the syllabus will be taught in class. All students require tap shoes. Those sitting exams will require our uniform leotard and shorts. A certain degree of commitment is required for exam classes to ensure the student is prepared and able to sit the exams in August. 

Open classes will work on general Tap Technique and focusing on Clarity and Rhythm

Please note: You DO NOT need to sit the exam if you choose not to, regardless of your decision exam syllabus will be taught in class.


Pre Junior-Senior STRETCH/ CONDITION: Open Classes available

These non-exam classes are designed to make you stronger, more flexible. Students will need Yoga Blocks, Matts, ankle weights and towels

Uniform to be Uniform Crop Top and Uniform Shorts.

To do well in this class, you should follow the exercises at home as well. 


Pre Junior-Senior ACRO: Open Classes available

Fun (Non-exam class) where students learn advanced gymnastic moves and tricks. This class is geared towards the competition students who would like to bring more Pizazzâ to their work. Uniform to be hair in two french braids, Uniform Crop Top and Uniform Shorts. No Shoes or Socks 


Pre Junior-Senior HEELS AND CABARET: Open Classes available

Inspired by confident, classy artists like Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez and Taylor Swift, students can choose to challenge themselves. Whether it be for fun, upskilling, confidence, social, fitness or performance - set yourself a goal and try out a class today! All of these options are there for our dancers/students, set in a supportive, empowering environment. Bring your heels and learn choreography specifically created for wearing heels - not too crazy so you won't fall, but you WILL look good. If you want to try taking a class without heels, you are more than welcome! 




Mini - Senior EMPIRE COMPETITION TEAM: Competition team is by evaluation day acceptance only. To be part of the Empire Competition Team you must also be doing exam ballet classes. More detailed information for competition team expectations can be found on the competition team page. The standard and commitment is extremely high and will involve weekends. If joining the Empire competition team, we strongly suggest you also attend Acro, Stretch and Ballet, classes. 


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